What can you do to fix windows 8 won't boot up?

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26 Mar 2013 11:04 PM

If windows 8 boot error occrus?

Windows 8 won't boot up up is exactly what may frustrate our emotion deeply when we are going to do something with it. I believe most of you are not able to put up with such an occur on your computer. But if unfortunately the disaster occurs to you, what can you do? As a matter of fact, we all able to fix this issue eaily if we can find a proper solution. Fist of all, we should leran to know the causes of windows 8 boot error. So that we can remove the problem according to the causes. That is what I am going to share:how can we fix computer won't boot in an easy way. Maybe it is available for you.

windows 8 won't boot

Why can't you boot up windows 8

According to my experience, Windows 8 boot error can be caused by the issues as follows%uFF1A

1.There may be one of the following boot file lost.
* NTLDR is missing or corrupted
* Ntdetect.com is missing
* Ntoskrnl.exe is missing
* NTFS.SYS is missing
* BOOTMGR is missing or corrupted
* Hal.dll is missing

2.MBR issues can lead to hard disk boot failure. When it happen, you will see "invalid partition table", "hard disk boot failure", etc. on your computer.

3.Partition boot sector is corrupted

4.Registry is corrupted

Others like corrupted or missing Windows system file; corrupted DPT (Disk Partition Table); damaged MBR, and corrupted registry are the common causes of windows boot failure, too.
After we got to know why you can't boot windows 8, we can take some measure to fix it now.

Just fix windows 8 won't boot with ease

Let's troubleshoot the dreadful issue by the following steps:

1.An efficiency troubleshooting step on hardware is to start your computer with the minimum hardware necessary to run the operating system. If your computer starts successfully it proves that one of the removed hardware devices was the cause of the STOP message. Otherwise move to the next solution.

2.Boot your computer in Safe Mode by pressing F8 at startup. Then go to My Computer and right-click on Disk C to select Properties from the dropdown menu. From the Tools tab, perform an error check and disk cleaning.

3.If all above has been alright, we should take a ultimate solution to windows 8 boot repair.

Step one. Build a bootable CD/USB
Insert a cd or usb into another computer after you finally install Windows Boot Genius inside it, run the program and burn the cd/usb to a bootable disk.

Step two. set your computer boot from CD/USB after get into the BIOS menu
Press F2 or Delete to enter into the BIOS during initializing. Choose CDROM or USB Device as the first option for the Boot Device Priority under Boot meun.

Step three. start rescue your pc while using the CD/USB created before this section.
After boot your pc from the disk, the computer will start with a win PE system . There you will find the icon"Windows Boot Genius" on the desktop, double click it. Then stick to the instruction of the program to fix your computer. The full process would be complete in several minutes.

windows boot genius

With this solution, we can totally fix windows boot failure by ourselves own rather than ask others for help. It is the most convenient and effective method to figure out this kind of problems. And Windows Boot Genius is also available to fix all computer errors,create bootable CD/USB, recover data deleted and unlock windows password. I hope it could be available for someone who needs a windows 8 won't start.
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26 Mar 2013 11:07 PM
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