Excel to Database Applicaton - SQL data upload with Validation

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24 Jul 2012 12:45 AM



The Excel-to-Database utility enables you to validate and transfer data from Microsoft Excel or text file to a database table or stored procedure process.

Any text data can be pasted into the application, this may be from another Excel sheet or from text files such as CSV format.

Excel-to-Database provides a powerful and easy way to validate then upload/import data to SQL Server, Access, MySQL, FoxPro and other database systems..

Application features

■ Easy to use color coded/traffic light data validation

■ Data is validated as soon it is typed or pasted into Excel

■ Upload Excel data to a table or stored procedure process

■ Allow default values

■ Mandatory/must have fields can be specified

■ Allow user friendly column names

■ Allow excel formula / calculated fields

■ Multiple database type support: Microsoft SQL Server, Access, MySQL and others (to be tested)

■ Supports Custom SQL scripts, with SQL/Excel merge fields

■ Database validation checks ensure you comply with any rules defined within the database

■ Multiple Task configuration

■ For co-operative use, Tasks can be shared across a network

■ Task configuration is password protected

■ Secure - unlike other Excel Add-on software the utility cannot be 'hacked' by user - unlike VBA add-ons that can be altered or damaged.

Please vist to learn more and download the software...


Excel to Database team
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