Data Copmpare SQL, the world's fastest tool, is now released!

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Optillect Team
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02 Jun 2011 12:24 AM

Optillect Data Compare SQL is designed to find different rows in tables or views and transfer these differences to a target database.

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Full feature list

  • Support for all SQL Server versions including SQL Azure

    Connect to SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQl Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2011, and SQL Azure to compare databases. It's not necessary the source and the target servers have to be of the same version, you can easily transfer data to newer or older server version, or migrate to a cloud.

  • Compare all possible data types including data conversion

    Data Compare SQL can compare and synchronize any built-in or user data type, moreover if you migrating data to a database with new schema, you'll be able to convert data as you would use CAST or CONVERT function. This is the only software that is able to find rows with incompatible values during data conversion.

  • Works 2-15 times faster than industry standard tools

    This software is designed by true professionals, that's why it outperforms any other similar tool. This is perfect solution to compare and synchronize huge databases with billions of rows.

  • Lots of comparison and synchronization options

    Data Compare SQL provides plenty of options that allows to adjust the desired behavior for your case.

  • Filter rows by WHERE clause

    This special option adds WHERE clause into SELECT statement when fetching rows from a table or a view, thus you can compare only specified range of rows and save much time for large tables.

  • Analyse data difference in details

    Many tools show the comparison result when all object pairs are done, but Data Compare SQL allows you to view row differences right after the comparison of a particular object pair is complete. In the result grid, which doesn't 'eat' memory and works fast whatever the number of rows, you'll see data for new, missing, different, and identical rows, where the differences are highlighted.

  • Full data transfer or partial data synchronization

    The result view is dotted with check-boxes that includes into (or excludes from) synchronization: objects; all rows found as source-only, different, target-only; any particular row.

  • Generate T-SQL script to update target database

    Data compare SQL has two options to update the target database: create a file with T-SQL synchronization script which you can execute any time you want, or update target database on-the-fly without consuming hard disk space for intermediate T-SQL script file.

  • Generate INSERTs for all or particular data in tables

    You can find special option 'Full data overwriting mode' which is designed to transfer data from one database to another with overwriting existing data. But it also allows to generate only INSERT statements for particular tables (and even for particular columns and rows!) by simply comparing a database with itself.

  • Import settings from most po***r tools

    Yes, you can import project settings from one of the three most po***r comparison tools. Why to configure everything from the very beginning, right?

  • Ultra convenient and stylish user interface

    We don't want to burden you with tons of manual pages, therefore we just added as much hints and tool tips as possible. We believe this will help you to start using our product right away.

  • Lightweight software - 2.5 megabytes only

    Our tool does not contain unnecessary code and resources, that's why it takes so little space!


Quick tutorial in pictures

1. Setup databases to compare 2. Configure comparison options 3. Adjust schema mapping
4. Choose comparison keys 5. View results and row data 6. Synchronization method
7. Configure options 8. Preview the action plan 9. Synchronization result


  • Support SQL Server's backup files as a data source
  • Quick change synchronization direction
  • Generate reports on data comparison results
  • Support command line for automation
  • More comparison and synchronization options, more flexibility
  • Comparison and synchronization SDK 

Who is Optillect?

Optillect company was found by a group of experts in a broad range of computer technologies. Our target is innovating and providing high-quality products with the idea of using the latest technologies to bring you outstanding solutions. Visit our web-site to find out more!

Data Compare SQL, a computer program, is the intellectual property of Optillect LLC, which protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, including but not limited to reverse engineering to get the source code, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.

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