How to make report on a specified picture with reporting tool

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04 Feb 2009 08:41 PM
Sometimes, we want to print a report on a specified picture. Such as invoice, bill, credential, etc. With traditional reporting tools, it will be very difficult.
But now, it will be very easy. With the preformatted paper printing function of RAQ Report, we can solve the problem very easily.
You can do as follows:
Step 1: Open the report IDE, and create a new report.
Step 2: Choose “Insert > Background”, and select the specified picture.
Step 3: Drag the gridlines of report to align them with the gridlines of background picture.
Step 4: Adjust the size of each cell, and input needed information.
Step 5: Choose “Properties > Report Properties”, and check Print background in the Print tab.
That’s all.
Print the report, and you will find that the background of it is your specified picture.

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