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Last Post 25 Jul 2008 04:42 AM by pjmcbride. 0 Replies.
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25 Jul 2008 04:42 AM
We are in the process of migrating all of our reports from anSRS 2000
implementation to an SRS 2005 implementation, and I am having a
problem with subscriptions.

On the old box, when someone wanted to subscribe to a report, they
simply clicked on the subscription link and their domain name
(example: pmcbride) would appear in the To: field. They would add a
subscription, hit enter, and the subscription would work.

Now, it appears to work exacltly the same. However, when they submit
the description, it does not work. Why? Because the new implementation
requires not just the domain name, but the entier email address in the
To: box. So where the subscription page opens with "pmcbride" on the
screen, what SRS needs is the full email address of

Did we forget to set some important configuration?

Thanks in advance...
You are not authorized to post a reply.

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