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05 Jul 2007 06:18 AM
In Ms. Poolet's article in the July issue on data warehouse table design she recommends using identity fields in all one's tables. This sounded great to me until I started thinking about loading data. I have three basic tables:

SalesKey <pk> identity
TimeKey <fk> int,null
TypeKey <fk> int,null
SalesAmount money

TimeKey <pk> identity

TypeKey <pk> identity
TypeOfSale int,null

I am going to load data from an SQL OLTP db to my OLAP with SSIS. I can easily populate each table but I don't know how to get the dimemsion table key fields into the fact table as foreign keys. If I load the dimensions first then do I lookup into the dimension table and build a fact table for each key? Or do I read my source data and build three tables each time I read a new row? Or is there something I am missing?


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