Do I have enough space in my table?

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24 Apr 2009 04:52 AM
Hi, I need to insert 375000 rows to my table and I don't understand how to know if I need to add more space to my table ot tho the server,can someone help me to understand please:

Here is the info of my table:
RowCount 3051417

Rows ReservedMB DataMB IndexSize UnusedMB
3051417 319.813 318.461 1.320 0.031

have clustered index for field1 and field2
fileld1 varchar(10) Unchecked
fileld2 varchar(15) Unchecked
fileld3 varchar(10) Checked
fileld4 varchar(10) Checked
fileld5 varchar(10) Checked
UpdateDate varchar(32) Checked
UpdatedDate datetime Checked
InsertedDate datetime Checked

Data will be like this:
Example :

All rows will be the similar just letter of styles different
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