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20 May 2004 04:35 PM

I'm having a hard time figuring this one out. I have a table which I want to replicate, the id's are critical and can't be lost. When I tried to set this up I got this:

EM says this:

» Create the subscription table manually using the IDENTITY property and the NOT FOR REPLICATION option. You can have SQL Server execute a custom script to perform this action before the snapshot is applied. To specify a custom script, create the publication, create the script, and enter the script name on the Snapshot tab of the publication properties.

» Set the name conflicts article property so that SQL Server does not drop an existing table when applying the snapshot at the Subscriber. This property is on the Snapshot tab of article properties.

The following published tables contain IDENTITY columns:

When I read BOL:

Note If you are using transactional replication with the immediate-updating Subscribers option, do not use the IDENTITY NOT FOR REPLICATION design. Instead, create the IDENTITY property at the Publisher only, and have the Subscriber use just the base data type (for example, int). Then, the next identity value is always generated at the Publisher.

What is correct, I am using transaction replication with immediate update. Will my keys be in sych cross server. I'm doing a test now but I just wanted to verify with someone who knows before this goes into production.

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