Constraint and Linked Server query

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23 May 2006 06:57 AM

I've got a problem querying a remote table via linked server (SQL Server 2000 SP4).
If I do
select * from <linked server>.<database name>.<db owner>.<Table1>
it returns all data, as expected.
However, if I do:
select * from <linked server>.<database name>.<db owner>.<table name>
where ColumnID = 51588
it doesn't return a row, even though it exists in the remote table.

A likely reason for this could be the fact that the column ColumnID has a constraint on it:
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Table1] ADD
CONSTRAINT [repl_identity_range_sub]
CHECK NOT FOR REPLICATION ([ColumnID] > 90000 and [ColumnID] < 95000)

I've tried making the constraint NOCHECK, but still get the same problem.
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[REGION_1] NOCHECK CONSTRAINT [repl_identity_range_sub]

Does anyone have an idea why this is hapenning and how to get around it (other than obviously just dropping the constraint - which works by the way, but can not be done as it is used).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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