find increase in sales (for relevant store/products).

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09 Dec 2004 08:23 PM
Demo Events: This is a product demonstration (1 or more products) at a store on a certain date. So an event has a date, a store and 1 or more products.
Sales: I have sales of all stores (POS – point of sale - data).This comprises product ID, price, date/time and store name/ID.
To determine effectiveness of a demo – I need to know the date of the demo, the store it was held in and the products in the demo. I will sum the sales that fall for that particular date and store and products (1 or more). This gives me the sales of relevant products on demo date. Next I will sum average sales for same group of products for 2 weeks before demo date. Difference of these 2 will give me increase in sales due to demo.
Step 3 gives me demo effectiveness of 1 demo. Eventually I need the demo effectiveness of a bunch of demos between user specified start date and end date.

Goal: given a certain start and end date, find all demos falling within that range.

For each demo, find increase in sales (for relevant store/products).

We need the MDX and/or the cube design.


Event – contains event Id, event date, event store ID

Event Details – contains event id and product id (1 to many mapping from event to product)

Sales – contains product id, price, store ID and date.

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