Buffer Cache Hit Ratio more than 100

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03 Jan 2008 12:57 PM

Hi All,

On one of our production server performance monitor shows buffer cache hit ratio more than 100.
This is SQL 2000 SP2 standard edition server running on Windows 2000 server. It has 2620948 KB
of RAM installed on it.

Here are memory counter values
MEMORY - Available MB - 664 MB
MEMORY - Pages/ Sec - 17.000
MEMORY - Page Faults/ Sec - 48
SQLServer:Buffer Manger - Buffer Cahche Hit ratio - 100.011
SQLServer:Cache Manger - Cahche Hit ratio - 62 %
SQLServer:Buffer Manger - Page Life Expectancy - 142570
SQLServer:Memory Manager - Target Server Memory(KB) - 16896172
SQLServer:Memory Manager - Total Server Memory(KB) - 16896172

Can anyone please let me know why performance monitor is showing buffer cache hit ratio more than 100 ? Is this server experiencing memory pressure ? If I upgrade RAM to 4GB, would this sever be able to use more memory? I think there is limit of 2GB RAM for SQL server standard edition that it can use.

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04 Jan 2008 05:05 AM
100% is good, also high PLE you have.

Appears server is not used in heavy-duty OLTP environment.

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