XLeratorDB: Function Libraries for Finance, Stats, Math, Strings and more

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02 Dec 2009 10:05 AM
XLeratorDB is a set of function libraries that enable MS SQL Server to perform the same analytic calculations found in an Excel spreadsheet. Running directly on the database layer, these tools bridge the gap between mainframe power and spreadsheet flexibility, to support new levels of analytic and reporting integrity. With a total of 350 individual functions, XLeratorDB performs a wide range of finance, statistics, math and engineering analyses (e.g. IRR, XIRR, XNPV, STDEV, CHITEST, GAMMAINV, etc.) which are not native to SQL Server and which would be nearly impossible with Excel.

(As a side note: WestClinTech/XLeratorDB was developed by a co-founder of The Frustum Group, a pioneer of Windows-based enterprise applications for banking and trading with the OPICS platform, now owned by Misys.)

XLeratorDB installs quickly, easily and requires no specialized training because the functions look and behave exactly like Excel. Developers save 100's of hours researching and testing standard industry functions. And low cost, per-server pricing means that no custom development or existing MS tool comes close to delivering a comparable ROI. Early adopters/customers include innovators in hedge funds, bond/equity trading, banking, pension fund management, insurance, real estate, direct marketing and IT consulting.

For additional information, including free Trial and Express versions of XLeratorDB, go to: www.westclintech.com

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