Reporting services installaion fault

Last Post 24 Oct 2004 09:32 PM by olego. 1 Replies.
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19 Oct 2004 01:35 AM
I'm installing reporting services on a win 2003 server Cluster.
(Our configuration is MS Cluster ,NONE Load balancing Cluster ,that is Customer

requarments. I know that RS supports Load balancing Cluster)

When the installation is almost finished, I receive the following error number: 25619

Then, the installation is rolled back.

I find explanation for the error :


Setup error 25619
Setup uses IWAM_computername account to configure IIS. Disabling the account results

in Setup error code 25619. To work around this error, enable the account or start the

service, and then rerun Setup.
We have configured IIS Exactly as written, but it is not helps

I have tried to install SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services without creating the virtual

directories by using the RSDONOTCREATEVIRTUALDIRECTORIES command-line

argument . It was succeeded ,but on attempt to run report manager I get "HTTP 405

error" message

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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24 Oct 2004 09:32 PM
Actions to be made / tests :

1) Check that the SQL has the patch;821334

which is necessary for authenticating with the AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE

--> After the patch , you'll have a new security item called " RS exe coll " on the Report DB and ReprtTempDB

2) Check that the server has " Frontpage extententions ", prior to the RS installation

3) Check the Default Pool has the " network service" permissions .

4) Check that the Reports VD has permissions of " Everyone " and " Network " ( ? ) permissions .

5) Under " Web Service Extentions " --> Check that ASP is allowed , Frontpage Ext. allowed and
" Server Side includes " is also allowed .

5) Define Also the SMTP settings ( might be critical ) ( add smtps service )

6) Check SQL Agent ( running ok )

7) SQL Permissions : DBO / Network Authority permissions ( might be after patch )

Installation Process :

A) Remove completely the RS , as well as leftovers in the Registry .

-- We might face a problem which caused by leftovers from former RS installations which signed the
registry with " Sym sign " , in that case a full scan for leftovers is critical , otherwise
we'll have the same problem again .

B) make sure that all the above ( 1- 7) are valid .

C) Install RS ent. and choose the default installation with VD creation .

but unfortunately it didn't solve the problem
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