JDBC connection via JTDS fails on misterious reason

Last Post 14 Oct 2004 05:08 AM by chrisfromfrance. 0 Replies.
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14 Oct 2004 05:08 AM
I am implementing a simple Java App which uses SQL Server 7.0 to store a few dates.
I have one connection open for each test, which is definately closed before the next one is opened.
The first test normaly fails with the following error message, while the others work.

A translation is appended underneath:
Le maximum de comptes utilisateur simultanés pour les licences 10 du serveur 'Standard Edition' a été dépassé. Des licences supplémentaires peuvent être obtenues et installées, ou vous pouvez installer une version complète.[Ljava.lang.StackTraceElement;@1908ca1

The maximum of simultanious users for the licences 10 of server 'Standard Edition' is exceeded. additional licences
could be obtained and installed or you could install a complete version.

The strange thing about it is, that the first of 8 tests fails with that message and the others work.
Especially as the first test is exacly the same as the 2nd and 6th test.

The user i use to connect is the 'sa' user.

Has anyone an idea about this strange behavior?
Bye Christian
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