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New Member

11 Jan 2012 06:34 AM
good morning
I am designing ssis that need to import flat file and then move it into archive

I dont know the name of the file, but it will always have words AutoPartsQualityControl in the file name
so it will be 20120101AutoPartsQualityControl.txt, 20120115AutoPartsQualityControl
so prefix could be any date with as many as 365 file

There will be other flat files in the directory

How do i make ssis only import file with AutoPartsQualityControl in the file name

New Member
New Member

17 Jan 2012 10:12 AM
I would use bcp, in a sproc, with xp_cmdshell.

I would interogate the folder where the files are suppose to be and load it to a temp table

Then I would iterate through the entries and do what would need to done using dynamic sql

But that's just me

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