Cube Query from Java takes too long.

Last Post 14 Apr 2011 08:35 AM by Zul Khoja. 1 Replies.
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03 Mar 2011 02:59 AM
I run a query directly on the database and it completes within few seconds but from Java it takes 22 seconds. Looks like it downloads the whole Cube definition metadata before actually executing the query.

I am using olap4j classes as follows....

public static String query = "Some query"


OlapConnection olapConnection = ((OlapConnection) DriverManager.getConnection("some  url")).unwrap(OlapConnection.class);

OlapStatement olapStatement = olapConnection.createStatement();

CellSet cellSet = olapStatement.executeOlapQuery(query);

Zul Khoja
New Member
New Member

14 Apr 2011 08:35 AM
Did you ever solve this? I have the same problem.

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