Disconnected Databases Can't be Reconnected

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Clint Spann
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26 Oct 2011 03:22 PM
We have two SQL Servers, both running SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008 R2. We have Mirroring Sessions established between several DBs on them. Currently, we're in the middle of datacenter migrations, so the mirroring is running over a VPN tunnel. Everything was fine until yesterday sometime when the connections dropped. It was only down for a few minutes, but when it came back up, all Prin***ls showed as "disconnected", and all mirrors showed as "disconnected/in recovery". I did a netstat -a, and both the connections showed as established for the mirroring port on both servers. I also could ping each server from the other one.

I tried all mirroring commands that I knew to resume the mirroring, and even restarted the SQL service on the Mirror, then actually restarted the server itself (I did not restart anything on the Prin***l as it is a 24/7 machine). I also did several hours of research on this problem, and the only article I found said that you could remove it, then recreate your endpoints, then re-establish mirroring. I tried this, and the logs got out of sync on the Prin***l and Secondary.

Therefore, the only option I am left with is backing up the DB, then physically taking it from the Primary datacenter to the Secondary datacenter, and restoring. This is a huge pain because the DB is 600+GB, and transporting it is also a pain.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I may avoid this in the future? I can give more detail if needed. Thanks!
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27 Oct 2011 05:02 AM
We mirror lot of dbs but didn't find better way to handle this kind of situation yet.

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