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18 Jun 2010 11:06 AM
I am hoping somebody out there may be able to help with this one. I along with one other person, are the administrators for several SQL servers. A "fight " that we had lost is allowing our developers ID's to have sysadmin rights. (Fortunately not a lot of Dev's). They are not suppose to be creating new users or making changes to what rights we assign  However I find that I am in need of finding a way to track
1) Any new users (easy )
2) Any changes to existing user accounts (another easy)
And finally
3) When a modification has been made I (we) would like to be able to see "who" made the modification.

The first 2 parts as stated are easy with simple joins on various system tables.

Does anybody have any known code, sp, view that would enable to join necessary tables to get this information

Thanx much

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18 Jun 2010 05:24 PM
You should check out DDL triggers which will allow you to do what you want. Here are some other sources:


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