Clustered index that contains Unique identifier and moving the Index to a new Filegorup

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24 Aug 2012 06:48 AM

I'm looking to see if anyone has had any experience in moving clustered indexes to new filegroups where that index contained a uniqueindentifier column. In my testing so far it seem to me that after dropping and recreating the clustered index to a new filegroup that index statement will say that it completed but it happens very quickly (even for tables 1 GB and greater) and if I look at the datafiles that are used by the filegroup it does not look like the index was infact moved. If I look at the storage for the index it will say it is on the new filegroup but that does not appear to be the case. I have tried this both on a SQL Server 2008 standard edition installation and on a SQL Server 2008 R2 standard edition installation. Any insight from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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24 Aug 2012 04:11 PM
Can you post the actual script you used to do the move? Basically the way to move it is to simpy specify a new filegroup in the Create Index and use hte DROP EXISITING clause. The datatype of the columns (unless they are offrow lobs) should not be a factor. However any nonclustered indexes on the tables will continue to stay in the filegroup they are in and will not be afected by the move of the clustered index.

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