Separate or shared SQL2008 Instances

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12 Apr 2012 08:12 AM
Have a custom application that we deploy into customer environment which uses SQL Server 2008.

Looking to better understand the reasons/rationale as to running in a shared instance .vs. a dedicated instance for the application.

Searched for a white paper or flowchart to help with this decision.

Any help, appreciated.
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New Member

12 Apr 2012 04:45 PM
I don't know of any whitepapers on this but it all depends on your requirements. The main reasons why you would have a separate instance is if the app required a specific collation, sort order etc. Even though you can handle some of this with object level collations tempdb can often be an issue. Security can often be a reason as well. If you need complete isolation of users, logins etc you might need it's own instance. Some problems with multiple instance are that you need to share resources such as memory between the two. A second instance can complicate things such as maintenance, backups, HA & DR. With that said usually all an app needs is its own database(s) and can easily share the instance. You can usually secure access to a particular db pretty well for most apps needs so I would make sure you have a good reason to add an additional instance. I hope that helps.

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