SQL server 2008 SP2

Last Post 07 Nov 2011 06:23 AM by dbandee. 2 Replies.
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10 Dec 2010 06:55 AM

After I installed service pack 2 I did not see and version changes. The installation completed with out any errors and reboot the server. Shouldn't there be a version change?

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10 Dec 2010 08:33 AM
Can you post result of 'select @@version' here?
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07 Nov 2011 06:23 AM

always record serever state before and after any hfixes or updated/upgrades
i use

set nocount on
SERVERPROPERTY('ServerName') as ServerName, --cast(SERVERPROPERTY('ServerName') as varchar(47))
@@Servername as ServerName2,
SERVERPROPERTY('MachineName') as MachineName,
SERVERPROPERTY('InstanceName') as InstanceName,
SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') as Version,
SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel') as Release,
SERVERPROPERTY ('edition') as Edition


exec xp_msver 'ProductName', 'ProductVersion', 'Language', 'Platform', 'WindowsVersion',
'PhysicalMemory', 'ProcessorCount'

--get server collation

I ave it as txt file and then use file compare to see diff. hope this helps

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