SQL SERVER 2000 / 2008

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Darwin Pou
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28 Nov 2009 06:36 PM
I Have 2 servers (SQL SERVER 2008 & SQL SERVER 2000 SP3)
Then, in the SQL SERVER 2008 i have a database for a new version of the legacy software for SQL 2008, then we need to move the Database in 2000 engine to the Server in SQL 2008 for consolidation and for application transition. My question is about 2 scenarios;

1. Restore 2000 Database Backup (Compatibility 80) in the SQL SERVER 2008 Instance. What future implications would have this; not about the legacy application, is about SQL SERVER 2008 features over this database in adminstration tasks.

2. Install a SQl Server 2000 Instance in the Server where is the SQL SERver 2008 instance.

The SQL SERVER 2000 Database would disappear after the new version of software is totally compliance with SQL SERVER 2008.

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