Script to audit schema changes

Last Post 26 Jun 2008 01:30 PM by jak8989. 1 Replies.
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11 May 2008 07:20 PM
Hi Guys,
I was wondering if you were able to create a script that would audit schema changes in SQL Server 2000.

Thanks in advance,

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26 Jun 2008 01:30 PM
THere is a COM file, I think it's script.dll. It's the same COM objects that's run when you script out db objects in enterprise mgr or query analyzer. You can run this file from the command line with parameters for extra functionality. Run this from a job scheduler every night, for example, then compare the generated text file of db objects with a previous version to see if there have been any changes.
If I still had mssql on my laptop I would've been able to have given a better article but Google something like

script.dll "sql server"

and there will be a ton of articles about the .dll file and parameters that it accepts.

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