Custom Counters in Group Header and Footer Not Accurate...

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07 Sep 2008 10:44 PM

I am creating a payroll report that has a group for collecting all the hours worked by an employee on a particular day. In the group header, I have a custom function that zeros the hour counters for regular, overtime, holiday, and leave time. In the detail row, I have a custom function that increments each of these kinds of time, but does not print out any values. In the group footer for the day, I have a function that properly calculates the regular and overtime hours, and they return a string so the final values can be printed. All of these functions work great outside of SSRS, so I know that they are working properly. Now, here is the rub...

At the start of a day, the counters are all properly set to zero in the group header.
At the end of the day, when the group footer runs my calculate functions, it seems to be running the zeroing functions in the header and my output is always zero. ??? ??? ??? I thought that this was strange, but figured that I could simply add a second group footer line for the day and reset the counters to zero AFTER the first group footer did it calculations and output its values, but that did not work...

I would really appreciate your help in understanding why my counters are not working properly... Is there a evaluation special evaluation order for the group header, detail, and group footer? Once I get the daily counters working, then I must repeat the process for weekly and report totals.

Thanks for your help!

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11 Sep 2008 01:20 AM
Can you post the dataset query and the expressions you are using?

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