How to insert local report with report wizard?

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16 Feb 2009 03:01 AM
Generally speaking, report wizard can help users to make a report step by step. Due to its strong regularity, common report wizard can only make simple reports, such as grid report, group report and cross report.
However, reports in real business are more complex.
Combined report is one kind of complex report. Each part of a combined report may be regular. For example, it maybe composed of a grid report part and a group report part. However, for this kind of report, you can only make one part report with the wizard. Then, you have to modify it all by yourself.
Another situation is about template invalidation. For example, you may have designed a uniform template with header and footer, and set its appearance properties. If you are asked to insert a grid report, you need to first make a grid report with the wizard. After that, you have to copy the header and footer to it, and set all the appearance properties with the format painter. If your reporting tool does not support format painter, you have to set all the appearance properties one by one.
It means that the uniform template you designed does not play a role in the whole process.
For the convenience of users, RAQ Report provides a report wizard with Insert Local Report function to solve this problem. As a result, you only need to finish the appearance and other irregular parts by yourself. Then, the wizard will help you to insert a local report step by step. By the way, you can insert several local reports in a template.

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