Configuring IIS with SSRS

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07 Aug 2008 05:08 AM
I have SQL 2005 SSRS running on Win 2003 Server with IIS. The SSRS folders have been created under the default website in IIS. I've granted read permissions to my Windows domain login on the website and its children in IIS Manager and also on the Reporting Services folders and its children.

If I enable Anonymous Access on the IIS site I get 'You are not authorised to view this page' when I try the Reports directory as the URL, and if I disable it so that only Windows Authentication is used the popup login box hangs for about 20 seconds when I enter my details before giving the same message.

As a DB developer just trying to start getting to grips with SSRS I'm surprised at how little documentation seems to exist on how to set permissions for SSRS on IIS. I have a book on SSRS but the content on IIS is minimal. Googling doesn't seem to produce any definitive guide on how the two are suposed to work together. My SSRS book gives the impressio that after installing RS the whole thing should be live and accessible with no extra effort.

Is there any resource that steps through setting up security on SSRS with IIS that anyone here has come across? Maybe I don't even need to be setting folder permissions on the C drive, just in the IIS Site properties but I cannot find anything to confirm this.

Seems like it would be a useful topic for someones blog or an article if none can be found.

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30 Oct 2008 06:52 PM
Hi Matt,

Check out the Report Manager. Just open the webbrowser and go...http://servername/Reports
if installed fine the Report Manager will appear. There you can define security as you like...

Hope that helps..

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