Using StoredProc with Multiple Results(or datatable) in Server Report

Last Post 17 Sep 2007 06:45 AM by wackoyacky. 0 Replies.
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17 Sep 2007 06:45 AM
Hi guys,

I've been doing some LOCAL reports on my current application until recently there's has been a case that I really need to do SERVER reports.

Usually when I design my local reports, I create a XSD file, so I usually have one dataset with multiple tables in it. I just pass the dataset to report with a single procedure call that returns multiple result sets or data table.

From what I understood server reports are binded to database objects only, like stored procedures. Now I used the same stored procedure that I used in my local report to my server report. But the thing is only the first result set in the stored procedure is recognized. Are there anyway that I can bind the server report to a single stored procedure that return multiple result sets?


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