Parameters spontaneously disappearing from dataset

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01 Oct 2008 01:58 PM
Using SSRS 2005, when working with a dataset on the Data tab, while developing or modifying the query, each time I try something that doesn't work, in addition to getting an appropriate error message I intermittently find that all of the @ parameters I've laboriously defined on the Parameters tab of the Dataset properties window just disappear! I then have to manually re-enter all of them and continue working, until the next time I have a syntax or spelling error, when the same thing happens again.

Am I missing something here or doing something wrong, or is this just a giant bug that Microsoft has yet to acknowledge, let alone fix? I've generally found SSRS 2005 to be a breath of fresh air after the garbage-level quality of the prior version, but this is really maddening.

Any help will be most appreciated.
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14 Oct 2008 10:39 PM
Are you up-to-date with service packs?

If still happens with the up-to-date software, I suggest you contact Microsoft Support.

Kalman Toth

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