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Last Post 25 May 2007 07:22 AM by ChabotWVU. 1 Replies.
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23 May 2007 05:09 AM
I have a report that lists people names. with those names i have multiple record numbers and comments along with the numbers and a colum with a date in it. BUT I only need the top 20 records for each person based on the date in DESC order.
I have the drilldown created with the records showing BUT iu need to just have the top 20 show. With the amount of records i can not use SQL based query because then it times out.
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25 May 2007 07:22 AM

-Go to the properties of the control you are displaying the details (table or list box)

-First set your sort, go to the sort table and pick the date field in the expression and set descending for the direction

-Second set you filter, go to the filter tab and for the expression select your first detail field (can be any but lets just use the first), for the operator select TOP N and for the value enter = 20

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