Reporting Services architecture

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10 Apr 2008 06:40 AM
I'm somehow new to RS. I'd like to have general ideas as for the architecture around RS.

In the SQL Server services world, I group databases and instances so I have the best granularity without having too many servers and as far as possible frmo the 1:1 ratio. Many criterias goes into this division/grouping, this is not the discussion here.

Do you do the same with reporting services. Can one RS be the host for many application needs.

Right now, I have 2 RS that provide services for two different applications. Since it will grow, I have a small red light that is fired up and I am trying to see if I could have only one RS that provides services for many applications. Right now, the RS is hosted on the same server that runs the corresponding data instance. I am feeling that it could easily be separeted on another server. Clearly, as needs grows, I may have to add a new RS on another Server, but I think it will be long term.


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