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14 Feb 2013 07:11 PM
miniDBA is a standalone windows application designed to present SQL Server performance data in a simple to understand format to anyone that works with SQL - not just DBAs.

Key Features:

- See who is connected & what SQL they are running at server down to individual batch level

- Know what resources are being waited waiting for

- Find your slowest queries and what makes them so slow

- Know how much memory & storage space data (tables & indexes) and logs are consuming

- See live IO throughput details

- See how current load is using cpu cores

- See a heatmap of index size & fragmentation

- Know the who, what & when of the last changes made to databases

- Be alerted when definable performance thresholds are breached

- View historic performance metrics, blocking queries & resource waits

- Identify usage trends over time

- See all this information without requiring high level permissions (SA & DBO not required)

- Standalone application - no backend database, services or permissions need setting up

View screenshots & find out more here:

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22 Mar 2013 04:48 AM
There are many software doing the same thing like
1.Increase sql server Performance
2.Database and its objects Performance
3.Disk Space forecasting with date and time
4.Current status of file growth and future forecast file growth with date and time
5.Decease IT budgets
6.Manage sql Server data growth and space capacity in central location

Check out this tool

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