dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL - New Product Launch

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25 Dec 2012 03:32 AM
dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL is a Postgre Data Diff and Sync tool that allows users to review all the differences in compared tables and execute an automatically generated script to remove these differences.

The process of comparison and synchronization is customizable, providing an ability to select tables and fields for comparison and adjust multiple comparison options. With the Windows Task scheduler the database synchronization process can be easily automated.

Data Compare for PostgreSQL key features:

- Flexible customization of database object mapping.
- Comfortable view of data differences.
- Comparison Report Generation
- Full control over data to synchronize.
- Easy to use Data Synchronization wizard.
- Warnings of possible data loss and various notifications.
- Large script execution.
- Compare and sync data via command line.
- Friendly GUI.

Read more about Data Compare for PostgreSQL - http://www.devart.com/dbforge/postg...tacompare/
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26 Dec 2012 03:19 AM
Is this tool is able to forecast future disk space growth and monitor the whole SQL server performance ?

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