Make drop-down calendar for web report with reporting tool

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17 Aug 2009 12:51 AM
A drop-down calendar will be very convenient for end users, it can increase efficiency greatly. The developers of client-side program all know this.
Programmers have 3 choices:
1. Develop a drop-down calendar by themselves.
It is a waste of time and energy. Like the tyre of a car broken, and you don't mend it or buy a new one, but produce one yourself.
2. Download a free control from Internet.
There are many disadvantages:
(1) Open source controls are only developed by programming enthusiast, so no one can guarantee its qualiti and performance.
(2) It is impossible to ask the makers to modify code for you. If you want to modify them by yourself, the workload may be huge.
(3) If you use many open source controls in a project, the application may be very unstable.
3. Buy a commercial development tool.

In fact, this is the best choice, and RAQ Report is a wonderful development tool which can solve all the problems easily.
RAQ Report is a professional Web reporting tool pays a lot of attention to users' requirement. Therefore, users can solve all the common problems in web report easily with RAQ Report without writing program. Such as radio button for single choice or multiple choices, drop-down list, automation computation, automation sequential number, data validity check, and batch operations, etc.
Moreover, common functions have been encapsulated in RAQ Report, and users can use them without writing programs. Such as export Excel/Word file, printing, page break, image upload, etc.

Easy Operation
With RAQ Report, the only thing users need to do is setting Edit style.

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