Make title area always aligned with data area in web report

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12 May 2009 07:13 AM
Have you ever experienced this case? When designing a web report, the column number of data area is less than that of title area. But after expansion, the column number of data area is much bigger than that of title area in display. As a result, the web report seems irregular.

Take a cross report with horizontal expansion as an example.
In design, the data area has only 4 columns, while the title area has 5 columns.
After expansion, the data area has 7 columns and title area is at wrong position. This brings down the neatness and beauty of the report greatly.

How to make title area always aligned with data area?

We can calculate the column number of data area after horizontal expansion and move the corresponding grids in title area right. Then, which ones to move? How to solve the spare area? Fill up blank cells or extend some cells? All these problems are difficult to be solved.

As a real Excel-like reporting tool, RAQ Report provides a perfect solution to this problem. Not matter how data area expands, with the combination of stretch rules and cell extension, RAQ report can keep specified cells center, right, or left easily. With this function, the beauty of report is guaranteed.

Easy Operation
1. Find cells that need to be aligned right.
2. Check the “Stretch” property of their left cell.

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