Reference texts on Perf tuning and analyzing perf counters

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31 Oct 2010 01:30 PM
Hi Listers,

As perf. tuning is somewhat of a black-art with a myriad of articles on just as many individual components of perf. tuning and analyses, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend one/more reference texts that detail how to analyze perf. conuters and even correlate them to some of SQL's DMV's?. Perhaps discussing what detailed set of perf. counters should be set, how to analyze and correlate or even any recommendations on what MS uses and how they go about their own set of analyses? Also, what 3rd party monitotrng tools are worthy of consideration or custom reports to access thru SQL's EM interface?

Many TIA,
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31 Oct 2010 02:14 PM

Well perfmon counters dont usually correlate to the DMV's per se they are more complimentary in nature. There is a neat tool available here that will p*** perfmon logs and let you choose a template for thresholds in which it will highlight the different counters that are out of range. There is good documentation with it as well and its all free.

As for 3rd party tools one that I highly recommend is the Performance Advisor from SQL Sentry and you can find more info here as well:

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