cannot generate SSPI context

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29 Jul 2010 03:35 AM
I had already put this in the General discussion forum and have not had much luck so I am posting it here:

At times when the user opens/loads my project,

They get this Error mssg:

Microsoft.Net Framework

Cannot generate SSPI context.

I tried a lot of stuff based on KB and still have not ben able to RESOLVE it.

This happens only when the user starts the program the first time during the day.

Once the system is re-booted it then works fine. Looks like on Re-Booting, the OS files are registered properly and

the program runs smoothly.


The SQL server is on the SERVER which is Windows server 2008 and the SQL server is also 2008 ver.


Has any one had this problem and how was this RESOLVED.

Pls advice,




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29 Jul 2010 03:50 AM
Will lock this, please follow your original thread.

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