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09 Dec 2007 02:24 PM
Hi All, I am attempting to use sqliosim for the first time. After reading the MS kb231619 ("how to use the SQLIOSIM utility") I tested sqliosim.exe and sqliosim.com on my workstation. Both work fine.

Any attempts to run either tester on any of my Win2003 servers (Std and Ent) fail with the error:
1204 System Error: 0x80070003
Error Text:
Description: Failed to create random hash

Function: Simulator_Main

I have fiddled with the config files with no change in the error.
The test files (sqliosim.mdx and sqliosim.ldx) are being created in the default locations (root of the data and log drives). The error occurs if the drives are SAN snapdrives or local RAID5.

There are no errors in the Event Viewer. I have searched MSDN and the rest of the Web unsuccessfully for info on sqliosim errors. There is very little out there on this tool.

Can anyone offer an explanation or resource to help me fault-find/fix this issue?

thanks in advance.
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09 Dec 2007 07:37 PM
I preparing to move my dBs from a limited capacity captive RAID5 to a much larger capacity SAN. Some SAN I/O alarm bells went off in my head when it took 3 mins 45 secs to copy a single 4.3GB file from the data LUN (snapdrive D to the log file LUN (snapdrive E on the new server. I want to generate some I/O stats to compare the captive RAID5 with the proprietary double parity RAID on the SAN.

SQLIO does work - I was looking at using the latest SQLIO simulator.

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