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Last Post 10 Mar 2008 09:22 AM by TRACEYSQL. 2 Replies.
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09 Mar 2008 03:53 PM
Shut down server and looked at settings.
Ran dbcc checkdb on 40 gig file

Private Bytes 1286 Mgs
Working Set 786 Mgs

Physcial Memory Total 67102876
Available 25647480
System Cache 2796956

Commit 40096424
Limit 170296632
Peak 54993832

PF went up to 32 GIG

Private Bytes measures the amout of memory that is currently committed.
Working Set measures the amount of physical memory.
(Should these be that low or is this actually the total of memory that is in use and need to worry if this gets high) - I was under the impression that the working set is what can be used so should be a high value as of 64 gig totals in memory.

After finished the dbcc checkdb the available physical memory went down to 25 gig was at 67 gig.
Not sure i understand why the PF went up to 32 gig started at 1.34 Gig

Any light?

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10 Mar 2008 04:30 AM
I could not understand why the PF went to 32 gig from 1.34 gig and available memory went from 67 to 25 gig.

When the available memory is reduced does this mean it is the PF therefore when SQL is using the memory it is using PF (which is defined as Buffer pool). I wasn;t under this impression this is correct but trying to figure out why PF when up to 32 gig after a dbcc checkdb
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10 Mar 2008 09:22 AM
There is nothing else on the server except SQL.
Checked the processes running nothing was consuming the 42 gig.

So the only thing i did was a DBCC CHECKDB command and thats when i see this go into PF.

Thats what i was thinking the data cache is in memory not in PF.

But i can do this everytime shutdown sql bring it up run command and the PF increases each time.

i have set the lock in pages which means, all memory that is allocated for the buffer pool will be ineligible for paging by Windows. ((kb 918483).

So im assuming this is not actually working then?

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