SiccoloSP - SmartPhone mobile management tool for SQL Server!

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25 Jul 2007 07:34 AM
SiccoloSP for SmartPhone (based on Windows Mobile 6) helps MS SQL Server professionals save time and increase their productivity by utilizing
a more efficient approach to database management - use their Windows Mobile empowered device while sipping margarita
on the beach.

SiccoloSP for SmartPhone extends support from mobile devices for Microsoft SQL Servers,
enables database administrators to manage their SQL Server environments using a Windows Mobile 6 based SmartPhone,
assures the availability of MS SQL Servers 24 X 7.

  • Quickly Start/Stop SQL Server Agent
  • Quickly Start/Stop/Restart SQL Server Job
  • View SQL Server Job Information - steps, schedule, execution history
  • Restart SQL Server
  • Execute SQL Command and view "select command" results
  • View SQL Server Event Logs (Application, System etc)
  • View SQL Server Window services
  • Start/Stop Window services
  • Run SQL Query window (with semi-automated Insert/Update/Delete/Select Statements) Open/Save SQL Scripts
  • Browse databases and database objects (tables/views/stored procedures)
  • Backup SQL Server database(s)

    SiccoloSP for SmartPhone allows to be mobile with Siccolo Mobile Management Tool!

    SiccoloSP for Smartphone

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