How to fix hp laptop black screen of death

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11 Mar 2013 02:25 AM

Your hp laptop runs into black screen of death?

With no response after startup, only some words display on the black screen or even just black screen without anything. The cursor of the mouse lost and the keyboard changed nothing. Though you restart your laptop, the windows 7 operating system won't be launch at the end except the black screen of death. What is wrong of it? How can you fix this issue?

My hp 4416s laptop suffered from this issue no long ago, it directly ran into black screen error when I powered it up in a morning. That really depress my emotion and I made up my mind to fix it. Here is my experience on dealing with my hp black screen of death.
black screen of death

How I finally fix my hp laptop black screen windows

After the windows black screen error came up to my laptop, I searched on the Internet. Based on the google results, I thought my computer issue was caused by some changes of system configuration, so I did as the tutorial taugh, enter into the system under safe mode then perform a error check and disk cleaning. I firstly thought my problem had been solved out, but when I reboot the laptop nothing changed.

I didn't give up, according to another search result, my windows 7 black screen may be infected by virus or malware. Which may be the original reason why the black screen error occurs. In this way, I boot the computer from safe mode again and ran up a anti-virus program. But after a full computer scan had been performed, I couldn't found anything. It hit me deeply and I didn't know what to do then.

Even though I feel frustrating after several tries, I kept on search and then read an article which was wrote by a author who also suffered through the issue like me. Following this solution, I download Windows Boot Genius, a software can be used to fix all computer errors, create bootable CD/USB, recover data lost and unlock windows password, etc. Dis as the wizard showed step by step. I first had no hope of this method, but it really work and finally get my windows 7 back just by some simple steps.

This is my experience on fixing black screen error, I was surprised with the multifunctional tool, it really do me a great favor. Now my hp laptop works well and computer black screen never come back again. So I'd like to suggest you to use Windows Boot Genius if the issue comes up to you and you don't really know how to fix it. This solution could be much more convenient and effective for you.

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