SD Card Data Recovery-How to recover deleted files from SD Memory card

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21 Jan 2013 08:09 PM
SD Card, the full name Secure Digital Memory Card, was developed by Panasonic, Toshiba, and SanDisk on August, 1999. The SD cards, as non-volatile memory card format, are widely used in portable devices such as:

Digital Camera for storing photos and videos

Camera VCR for photos and videos

Personal Digital Assistant for all kind of data

Multi-Media Player

Mobile Phone for photos, ringtones, songs, videos and so on

GPS navigation devices

Tablet computers

As a convenient data storage tool, the SD card has the Pro of small volume, fast transmission, easy to carry and so on. But the Cons are card losing, cannot be reading by computer, data loss and so on. Usually, the data lose from you SD card is because of:

Delete files from SD memory card for mistake;

Format the SD memory card with the wrong notice provided by your computer or SD card;

SD card error so the computer cannot read your card;

Virus infect your SD card;

Pull out your SD from computer without reject your SD;

SD card incorruption.

When you lose your important files from SD memory card and want to recover your them from your SD card, the first thing you can do is stop input any data into your SD card, because the new data input will overwritten your SD card so you cannot find them back even with a SD card Data Recovery Tool.

Step by step guide:
Andrew Morton
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24 Jan 2013 01:49 AM
SD cards are prone to corruptions due to improper handling thus resulting in lost of data, To recover data corrupt memory cards download a software from

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