change Windows 7 password for my Starter laptop

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17 Jan 2013 01:15 AM
Lost administrator password on windows 7, is there any way around it if I forgot Windows 7 password?
Demand a way around password on administrator account in Windows 7 new machine and during setup password was entered accidentally and don’t realize it. Data from old machine is transferred I really don't need to do a complete re install of operating-system or I will lose data. HELP!!!!!!!!!! Anyone????

I got some suggestions on how to remove Windows 7 password:

Suggestion one: Use Password Reset Disk
Your password reset disk will really are great if anyone forget Windows password. The trouble using this type of method you have to create the password reset disk ahead of the password is lost. Let's assume that you may have created it before hand, you may definitely employ this method regarding Windows 7 password removal easily.

When you have typed a negative password, Windows will show a Reset password link below the login box.
Get rid of the installation DVD and reboot your computer. Congratulations, you will be able to log into your user account while using the password you set; i.e., 1234.

Also, I collected two ideas and applications on Windows 7 password recovery:

Suggestion two . Did you have a Windows 7 installation DVD (not just a recovery DVD) it is possible to boot the machine by it. Choose the default language, after which choose "Repair your computer". Then select “Command Prompt ". At the command prompt type:
Net user administrator /active: yes [press Enter]
Net user [insert your user account's name here] [insert new user password like 1234 here] [press Enter]
[Note: Usually do not type the brackets!]

Suggestion three: Use Windows Password Recovery Tool to change Windows 7 password easily.
Step # 1: Download Windows Password Recovery Tool via an unlocked pc from website.
Step # 2: Set it up and run it. Concurrently, insert a blank CD/DVD/USB Flash Driver then choose your media to forfeit the iso image file to password reset disk.
Step # 3: Do because apps prompt; we can easily produce a password reset disk soon. But so what can it's used by us if need Windows 7 turn off password and also utilize it to reset password?
Step # 4: On my pc password forgotten, connect the disk burned with pc, and do BIOS setting to start out pc from disk we choose.
Step # 5: Restart locked pc, the apps will definitely reset password within clicks!

For details, you can easily look at the tool official site for your Windows 7 login password reset with your created password reset disk, we're going to never stress about lost Windows 7 login password!
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22 Jan 2013 07:25 PM
What if you forgot Windows 7 password carelessly, how to crack windows 7 password by yourself ? Try to take advantage of SmartKey Windows Password Recovery.
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28 Jan 2013 12:16 AM
If you forgot Windows 7 password,Windows Password Unlocker will help you,you can easily reset Windows 7 password with it.

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