How to avoid troubles brougt by Windows 8 password

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16 Jan 2013 05:01 PM
When it comes to the Windows 8 system, many people would consider that it is not as convenient as Windows 7 or Windows XP. As we know, every time you want to open the computer, you need to enter the user name and account, which bring some troubles for many users. In addition, it is easy to lose the Windows 8 password. Even though you can use Windows 8 password recovery tool to reset the password, it would still waste your time and energy.

From my point of view, if you want to avoid the troubles bring by password, the most effective way is to log in the computer with passwords. There are many different methods for you to change the settings for auto login. Today we will focus on two simple methods to log in Windows 8 automatically. Method one can be described as follows:

First, you should click “open” and “operation”. Then you should enter “Rundll32 Netplwiz.dll,UsersRunDll” instruction. Go on you should press the enter key to confirm. Now you can open the “dialog box of User account” and proceed to do the settings. In the interface of settings, what you need to do is to uncheck the checkboxes on the “to use this computer, users have to input the user name and password”. Now you have finished the main steps. Next time you can open the computer without entering the user name and password.

Another method for auto login of Windows 8 is to alter the registry. Here are the instructions: you should find the “operation” and enter “regedit” instruction. Then press the enter key to enter into the interface of Windows 8 registry settings. After enter into the registry, you need to alter two places of registry value. You should create a new value of auto login in the project of “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NtCurrentVersionWinlogon”. Please right-click in the right window to create a new “value string”. Then create the string for “AutoAdminilogon”. Don't forget to set the key value for 1.

The next step is to find the Default User Name. You should change the value for the user name of auto login system. Then you should create a new value string which is called “DefaultPassword”. You can set the user password for the value. Now you can see how easy it is to change the settings for auto login of Windows 8. As long as you follow the instructions step by step, you can make it without any errors. In general, since the first method is simpler than the second method, most people would choose the first one to make auto login.
With the above two methods for auto login of Windows 8, you can change the settings with a few steps. Besides, you do not have to find methods for recovering the lost Windows 8 password, which can bring you a lot of convenience. All in all, to avoid any possible troubles caused by Windows 8 password, it is highly recommended to change the settings for auto login.
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17 Jan 2013 04:25 PM
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