cannot create assembly

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21 Oct 2008 07:53 AM
Hello everyone,
I am trying to create assembly and receive the error 6512:
" Failed to initialize the Common Language Runtime (CLR) v2.0.50727 with HRESULT 0x80131522.
You need to restart SQL server to use CLR integration features."

CRL is enabled.
This is our testing machine with Windows Server 2003 Standart Edition and RAM 2GB.
SQL Server 2005, SP2
I was trying to create after server rebooting(found this suggestion to have more virtual memory ) , but result is the same.

I could create the same assembly for any other SQL server where I had tried , but not for this one,
the difference between them is: all other have NET Framework 2(Sp1) and this one has
Net 2 (sp2), net 3.0, and Net 3.5.

May be these multiple versions of Net Framework do not allow to create assembly

Please help

Thank you very much

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