Setting Up Replication between 2000 and 2005

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13 Sep 2007 05:49 AM

I'm setting up replication for the first time and I am having a few issues. We currently have data loading into a sql server 2000 server and it currently replicates that data across to a number of other servers which is fine.

The problem is, we have some new servers (clustered servers that will eventually replace the old servers) running on sql 2005 and wish for testing purposes, to replicate the data from sql server 2000 machine to the new server.

It won't allow me to set up replication from enterprise manager on 2000 to a 2005 server, so I am currently logging into the new server and remotely connecting to the old server. I can connect fine using the IP address, but when I try to set up a publication, I get the error that it cannot be done through server aliases or IP addresses and to connect through the server name. I have tried this, but get an Error 40 - Could not open a conection. I thought this may be an issue because the servers are not linked, but I cannot link them successfully through the server name (I can the IP address).

The two set of servers are on different domains, so this maybe an issue, but they are connected via a VPN.

If anyone has got any ideas I'd appreciate as we are a small company and don't currently have a dedicated DBA, just us developers hitting our heads against the wall!!

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