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04 Aug 2009 02:19 PM
On one of my servers that has a push transactional publication, I see
the following session level information....as you can see below, this
is a replication procedure (sp_replmonitorrefreshjob) and I'm
hesitant to just kill the session because I'm not sure about whether
this procedure is supposed to just hang around "waiting".

Does anyone have any guidance on why I'm seeing this procedure in a
waiting session and whether or not it's O.K. to kill it?
Thanks very much for any education you might be able to provide about

Here's what I'm seeing.....
session_id : 56
database_name: distribution
start_time: 2009-06-29 09:25:03.130
status: suspended
wait_type: WAITFOR
wait_time: 2656
open_transaction_count: 0
percent_complete: 0
estimated_completion_time: 0
cpu_time: 25603891
total_elapsed_time: -1254508566
command: create procedure sys.sp_replmonitorrefreshjob
( @iterations tinyint = 0 -- 0 - run continuously
blocking_session_id: 0

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