Urgent- merge replication conflict problem

Last Post 31 May 2007 04:55 AM by tofy79. 1 Replies.
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30 May 2007 03:44 AM
dear all,

i did merge replication between 2 prodection servers Microsodft sql server 2000 SP3a, and it worked fine , but after some time conflict appeared on table and the follwing log from microsoft replication conflict viewer :-

reason of conflict:
the row was update at 'DB1'but coud not be updated at 'db2' , cannot insert dublicate key
row in object 'Table22' with unique index

on conflict looser pane message is:
the error described above occured where trying to insert or update this data at the other
server , if u ignore this conflict, you should resolve it throu other means, consider logging
the details of this conflict , then sending the log entry to your system administrator

my questions :
1- how can i solve this problem ?
2- can i change table strcture like disable add or remove primary key, index sequence and more under replication?
3- how can i remove then add one object or table with out any affect on other all replication .

Thanks & Regards
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31 May 2007 04:55 AM
Thank u ver much Dear RM , it solved.

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