Distribution Cleanup agent ignores @maxdistretention

Last Post 02 Jul 2009 10:50 AM by dblouin999. 0 Replies.
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02 Jul 2009 10:50 AM

Thank you for this great post. It helped us to put our finger on the problem...

We are experiencing the same situation with one of our production server. The distribution agent in EM is frequently put in a state where it shows the red button (distribution agent is suspect) but the replication is still running. After a period of time, it gets deactivated, probably by the distribution clean-up, and we then have to redo a full snapshot. This is a critical situation for us since It means running a long recovery process...

We've tried your script and the disable_cleanup block get triggered and the distribution clean_up is deactivated...

However, we do not know how to put the distribution agent back to a normal state so we cannot restart the distribution clean-up job since it would eventualy deactivate our problematic subscriber...

Have you finally received a response from MS, found a way to put the distribution back to a normal state or found the root cause of the problem.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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