Creating A Clustered Index on a table being replicated.

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21 Nov 2005 01:54 AM

Our primary database is provided by a third party company. Currently we use Transactional Replication to move data from this database server to another database server which in maintained by us.

The problem is this, the third party company want to change the indexes on some of the tables in the database to Clustered Indexes, but when they try to do this, they receive an error message saying 'Cannot alter table 'X' because it is being published for replication'. So I disabled publishing on the Server and the company was able to modify the indexes on all the required tables bar one. This table is still giving the error message that it is being published for replication even though publishing has been disabled on the server. This table has relationships to several other tables where it is the primary table in the relationship. Can anyone suggest what could be causing this (I thought it may possibly be due to the relationships to other tables, but would like some confirmation from someone else first).

Thanks in advance.

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