Using Interop.Excel object in Report...

Last Post 18 Nov 2006 04:25 AM by pratapvs. 1 Replies.
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01 Sep 2006 11:22 AM

I need to access the NormDist function within Excel from a Reporting Services Report. I've added the reference to the Excel object, created Public Function in the code window that creates the Excel.Application object and calls the NormDist function and returns the result to the report. When we run the report from our development machine, the function returns correctly. However, when, after we deploy the report to our report server, and run the report, that column simply displays ERROR with no other explanation...

Any idea on why on the report server this would not work? Excel is installed on the server.

Any help at all would be most appreciated!!!


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18 Nov 2006 04:25 AM

I also need to do this kind of implementation, where I need to call excel's NORMDIST function in the VB Script part of the SSIS package.

I have following setup
- SQL Server 2005
- MS Office 2003
- .NET framework 2.2

I have istalled PIAs for using COM object in the SSIS VB Script. But when i run the package and as soon as tha package encounters the excel objects part , it trows an error saying could not locate the Microsoft.interop.excel object and bombs there.

Could anybody let me know what could be the issue? I am badly stuck there.

or could anybody let me know the alternative of Using NORMDIST function in the VB Script of SSIS in some other fashion? I have used some peice of VB codes for NORMDIST but their precesion is not very good, that is why i was inclined to use excel object's NORMDIST.

Any kind of help would be appraciated a lot...


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